ITSE 1330 | C#


The Visual Studio Debugger


The debugger IDE is the developer's best friend. No contest. If given the option of having Brendan Eich, James Gosling, Anders Hejlsberg, Guido van Rossum, and Bjarne Stroustrup in your contact list, available 24x7 or, having the debugger, always elect the debugger. Not even close. Not only does it provide priceless and insightful perspective of program state, it enables you to obtain that vision.


  • Show the Debug Menu - View | Toolbars | Debug
  • Enable Just My Code - Tools | Options | Debugging | Enable Just My Code
  • Break Point - Set a break (pause) point first by clicking in the gutter or pressing F9
  • Start Debugging - Debug | Start Debugging or F5
  • Step Into (F11) - execute code line-by-line
  • Step Over (F10) - execute but don't debug function/method
  • Autos Window - variables on current and previous line (approximately)
  • Locals Window - variables in current scope
  • Watch Window - set your own variables with values to watch

Visual Studio Debugger Using C#